Revised September 6, 2023

Junior Bulletins 2023-2024

Orangeburg Prep's School Code is 411553.


Mrs. Rose Marie Craft, Junior Class Sponsor


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Below are the test and registration dates for the SAT & ACT:




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  • Remember, juniors have two college cut days available to them during their second semester! Use them wisely and be sure to check with the secretary in the Attendance Office for requirements before going! As seniors, you will also have two college cut days that you can use during the fall.
  • If your student has not yet reached his/her target SAT or ACT score by Spring 2024, please register him/her for the 2024 August SAT or ACT. By doing this, the scores will be back in good time to be sent to all of the colleges to which he/she intends to apply to. Also, be aware that when registering, you may choose 4 schools for the testing company to send your scores without charge; if need be, you may send scores to additional colleges at a later date for a $9-10 fee each. Remember, most schools will super score both the SAT and the ACT.It is recommended that each junior student should take the ACT and the SAT. Usually the scores are close to equivalent, but sometimes this is not the case; if there is a significant difference in the two test scores, your son/daughter may want to pursue the higher-scoring test for his/her target score rather than the other. Whatever the score, whatever the test and even if the Life Scholarship score is met on the first try, it is usually wise to take one or the other test between 3, 4, or 5 times! Remember, the higher the SAT/ACT score is, the more scholarship dollars the student will qualify for! The LIFE Scholarship requirements are to meet two out of the three 1) have a cumulative 3.0 GPA or above upon HS graduation, 2) an SAT of 1100 OR ACT of 22, 3) be in the top 30% of your graduating class upon graduation.


  • All colleges have information on their websites describing their college visit/tour specifics. Check the colleges out that you are possibly interested in attending after you complete your junior year! NOW is the time to start looking.

  • NOW! Juniors are reminded to take the SAT and the ACT ASAP .....especially if you have not taken each test at least once already! Some students test better on one test or the other, and it is very helpful to realize this early, if this is the case! It is also nice to already have reached your target score by September of your senior year, since this is when you will be sending college applications off.


Date/Event Description
October 24
  • The Juniors sponsor the Canteen for the Halloween Carnival on Tuesday,, October 24th. All students must work a shift and bring food items to stock the canteen. Parents are also asked to sign up to help w/ cooking/serving/cleanup as well. Please encourage your student to sign up early and bring their items in a timely fashion.
  • 2:00 p.m. Class of 2025 orders rings / Library /At least 50% of the class must order rings to schedule a "Ring Ceremony."
  • Juniors to State House / Supreme Court
April 12
  • Prom


  • 6:00 p.m. Junior Parent Meeting with Administration regarding dual credit.