Staff Directory


Upper Campus Directory 2018-2019 (Grades 6-12)
Name Position Email
Askins, Barbara U.S. History/AP US History/AP Human Geography/Social Studies Department Head/Geography
Axson, Erin Reading 8, Writing 8, H. English I
Boland, Nicki English III, Honors English III, Honors English II
Brown, LaDan Assistant Head of School, Curriculum Coordinator, Math Department Head
Crisp, Cindy Math 6, PreAlgebra 7
Dangerfield, Megan Science 8, Physical Science, Biology I
Davis, Karen English Language Arts 6, 7
DeRienzo, Anna Algebra II, chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physical Science
Edwards, Paula Business Office Assistant
Felkel, Michelle Science 6, Science 7
Felsher, Rebecca Spanish I, II, Honors Spanish II
Garrick, Lynn Assistant Librarian / Tutorial Center, Student Council, NHS
Hay, Al
History 6, World History 9,/Assistant Varsity Football, B-Team Head Football Coach
Hurst, Billy Spanish III, Honors Spanish III, Dual Credit
Kearse, Tracey Business Office Manager
Lunchroom Upper Campus Lunch
McElhone, Monica Admissions & Marketing Director
Moore, Terry Sue History 7, History 8, Legends of American Wars
Palmer, Andy Varsity & JV Head Football Coach,/Head Baseball Coach, Weightlifting, PE Boys 7,8
Powell, Evan Head of School
Ray, Libby Upper School Biology, AP Biology Science Department Head
Reed, Sandy Executive Administrative Assistant / Website
Reid, Alex Computer, Yearbook, Rotation, JV Head Cheerleading Coach, Substitute Monitor
Riley, Taylor Guidance Counselor
Rutland, Sherry Student Services Administrative Assistant
Smith, Brooks World History,Government, Economics, Geography Elective, Varsity & JV Football Assistant Coach, Head Track Coach, Head Bowling Coach
Sommer, Libby Honors English IV, Honors English II, Honors English II, Creative Writing
Stoudenmire, Jan Athletic Director / Physical Education Department Head / PE 6 Girls, Rotation, Girkls Basketball JV & Varsity Head Coach, Cross Country Head Coach, Varsity Softball Head Coach
Thackston, Lawrence English II, Creative Writing, English 101
Wannamaker, Kelley Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra I, PreAlgebra
Waters, Michelle Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Honors Physics
White, Alex Applied Math/Statics, AP Calculus, Honors PreCalculus, Dual Credit Math
Wilder, Rachel Upper & Lower Campus Art

Lower Campus Directory (4K - 5th Grades)
Name Position Email
Bair, Angie 3rd Grade Teacher / 3rd Grade Chair
Boozer, Kim 5K Assistant
Bozard, Nancy 1st Grade Teacher / 1st Grade Chair
Braxton, Christy 2nd Grade Teacher / 2nd Grade Chair
Chandler, Nancy 5K Assistant
Creech, Kathy STEM Teacher
Dempsey, Sandra 4K Assistant
Funderburk, Debra Reading Interventionist
Gasque, Jeanie 5th Grade Teacher
Gladd, Julie 5th Grade Teacher
Gleaton, Dena 4K Teacher / 4K Grade Level Chair
Helms, Donna Librarian/ CDC Spanish Enrichment / Literary Meet / Spelling Bee
Hutto, Lori 3rd Grade Teacher
Kuck, Beth School Nurse
McGee, Rosemary Lower Campus Administrator
Pace, Sharon 1st Grade Teacher
Pascoe, Kristen Lower Campus Adminstrative Assistant
Patterson, Angie Physical Education, Varsity Assistant Softball Coach, B-Team Basketball Head Coach, JV & Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach, Head B-Team Volleyball Coach
Patterson, Vancie 5K Assistant
Phillips, Patricia 4th Grade Teacher / Grade Level Chair
Porter, Ainsley 4th Grade Teacher
Powell, Sarah Spanish Enrichment
Reid, Jean Performing Arts
Ridley, Kelly 5K Teacher
Sanders, Whitney 5th Grade Teacher / 5th Grade Chair
Smith, Cathy 4K Assistant
Smith, Katherine 5K Teacher / 5K Grade Level Chair
Smith, Olivia 4K Teacher
Still, Angela 4K Teacher
Stoudenmire, Barkley 5K Teacher
Vandekerkhove, Kristi 1st Grade Teacher
Weeks, Kathryn 3rd Grade Teacher
Worrell, Lindsey 2nd Grade Teacher

Child Development Center Directory
Name Position E-Mail
Kemp, June Director
Dysard, Kim Assistant Director



Custodial Directory
Name Position E-Mail
Fogle, Tommy Supervisor